Since it was founded,  Everbright has been the leading solution provider of automation, industrial, maintenance, repair and operating. We carefully select the products and brands to ensure we maintain the quality of services we bring to our customers. We work closely with our partners and suppliers to make sure they are supportive to Everbright and as return, we give 100% support to our customers.

We serve different industries, from Contract Manufacturing to Consumer Products Manufacturing, from Food Industry to Semiconductor, from Machinery & Electrical to Repair & Maintenance and so on. We provide deep understanding and optimum solutions to meet and satisfy customers’ requirements for the benefits of the industry and community.

We prioritize customer satisfaction in our business philosophy. Today, Everbright is known and respectable for prompt delivery, extensive range of products and unselfishness in sharing latest technical information. With the years of experience in this industry, Everbright has built up the technical expertise that would assist our customers in various aspects. Tell us your problems and let us do the job for you.