Area Sensor

panasonic area sensor

General Purpose & Slim Body Area Sensor NA2-N
Slim body 13mm (0.512”). Maximum sensing height 540mm (21.26”)

panasonic area sensor

Small / Slim Object Detection Area Sensor NA1-11
Cross-beam scanning system to detect slim objects

panasonic area sensor

Ultra Slim Body Picking Sensor NA1-PK5 / NA1-5
Even a slim hand is detectable by the 25mm (0.984”) pitch beam area sensor

panasonic area sensor

Compact Size Picking Sensor NA1-PK3
Boat a compact, pocket lighter size enabling universal installation

panasonic area sensor

40mm Beam Pitch General Purpose Area Sensor NA40
Slim and smart

Light Curtain

area sensor

Compact Light Curtain
[Type4 PLe SIL3] SF4B-C

Introducing the Type 4 Compact Light Curtain. Mounts flush on aluminum frames!

area sensor

Ultra-slim Light Curtain
[Type 2 PLc SIL1] SF2C

Introducing Type 2 Ultra-slim Light Curtains! Featuring easy installation and reduced wiring

Ultra-slim Light Curtain
[Type 4 PLe SIL3] SF4C

Machine safeguarding without sacrificing productivity. Ultra-slim Light Curtain

area sensor

Light Curtain Type 4 SF4B Ver.2
New version with improved environmental resistance performance

Light Curtain Type 4 Korean Press Machine Compliant SF4B-03 Ver.2
Compliant to the new Korean Press Machine Safety standard (KCS mark)

Robust Light Curtain [Category4 PLe SIL3] SF4B-[]G Ver.2
Robust and Shock resistant

Light Curtain Type 2 SF2B Ver.2
Type 2 safety solution. International regulations for safety measures at reasonable cost

Flameproof Type Light Curtain Type 4 BSF4-AH80
Globally-compliant flameproof structure

Control Unit for Light Curtain

Safety Control Unit SF-C21
Creating safety circuits is easier than ever!

Exclusive Control Unit for Light Curtain SF-C10
Less setup time for safety circuits

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