General-Purpose Vertical
• Two-circuit Limit Switch / Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch (WL-N / WLM-N)
• Enclosed Switch (D4C)
• Miniature Limit Switch (D4CC)
• Small Limit Switch (D4V)<
• Two-circuit Limit Switch/Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch (WL, WLM)
• General-purpose Limit Switch (HL-5000)
• General-purpose Limit Switch (D4A-[]N)

General-Purpose Horizontal
• Small Sealed Switch (D4E-[]N)
• Enclosed Switch (SHL)
• Enclosed Switch (ZC-[]55)
• Enclosed Switch (D4MC)
• Enclosed SwitchesZE / ZV / ZV2 / XE / XV / XV2

High-Precision Switch
• High-precision Switch (D5A)
• High-precision Optical Switch (D5F)

Touch Switch
• Mechanical Touch Switch (D5B)
• Touch Switch (D5C)
• Limit Touch Switch (NL)

Multi Pole Switch
• Multiple Limit Switch (VB)

Limit Switch Connector
• Connector (SC)

On-Site Flexible Rod Switch
• On-Site Flexible Rod Switch (TP70)


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